Wayne Cosshall

The Tree of Everywhere is a three-channel video projection I created as the major artwork of my PhD in the School of Media and Communication at RMIT.


The work contains multiple interwoven narratives presented on three screens which run simultaneously. It is designed for a triangular viewing room in which the viewer stands in the centre and must choose which screen to watch, as only one screen can be seen fully at a time. This set-up forces the viewer to become actively involved with – to edit – the work.


The video runs for nine minutes and includes a musical score by Jenny Galati.


The title alludes to the pervasive tree metaphor in various spiritual and esoteric traditions of the West. The concepts of light and dark, multiple planes of existence, abstraction and the meta, non-linear time and the duality of matter and intelligence are represented in the work.



Two versions of this work are presented on this website: