Wayne Cosshall

Wayne J. Cosshall was born in England and migrated to Australia as a child.


He has had a diverse academic career, with undergraduate studies in computer science and postgraduate studies in computer engineering. He founded and operated a research group in computer graphics at Swinburne Institute (now University) of Technology for twenty years and also ran discipline areas in digital media. He has lectured across computer science, digital media, graphic design, writing and publishing, art and photography. In more recent years he has specialised in troubleshooting and the redesign of courses for numerous universities and has consulted broadly in the education field, specifically course design, instructional design and online education.


Wayne's art practice has evolved significantly. An internationally awarded still photographer, he is widely known for his pursuit of infrared photography. In more recent times he has made a steady shift to video art, filmmaking and video installation. Wayne co-directed the International Digital Art Awards for many years. He also sculpts and is currently experimenting with computer-controlled light art and its crossover with video installation.


Wayne is also a prolific writer. While the last few years have been dominated by his PhD studies, in the past he has written extensively for major magazines and edited many periodicals on  photography and design. He has also edited textbooks. He has several books in print, including Photography Wisdom. An extensive series on the Western Mystery Tradition is being published through 2018 under a pseudonym.


Wayne has several film projects in development and collaborates with his daughter Lauren on these.


You can find Wayne on LinkedIn and Academia.edu